Nadine Langlois

Relationships & Intimacy

My unconventional lifestyle and experience are exactly why I can reach out to so many people. I understand their story in a profound and meaningful way. I see and have experienced the tragic devastation of living a life void of self-awareness where people become perpetual victims of living lives that are far below their capacity. The solution often comes down to a skill that can take a lifetime of experience to acquire: raw, honest, unfiltered self-awareness and acceptance. Building on that skill has a positive, liberating domino effect, just like it has had in mine. I can equip you with the tools to guide you there.

Truth or Dare

I guide you in self-discovery through exploring deep inner- and sometimes even disruptive- truths. This journey is better traveled with a companion who has already battled through a similar battlefield. I can be that soldier to help you walk into it safely. The experience can shatter a mythical, safe, yet unfulfilling reality that you may have created. Facing the truth can hold you back from ever going back to how things were before. This possibility is, though terrifying, where truly beneficial growth takes place.

2. The Forbidden Fruit

Once we agree to work as a team, together, we map out what areas of your life require greater fulfillment and improvement. We break down a comprehensive, achievable list of what your core values, needs, goals and desires are and reach to touch the forbidden fruit: self awareness. This experience can be both thrilling and scary all at once, however, most definitely one you will never regret.

3. Making the First Move

We now know what you want and need to find greater fulfillment. Next, we strategize and plan out your success through achievable, actionable steps in the right direction. We take it one baby step at a time while simultaneously tracking your progress so that we know we are always using the most appropriate, effective methods that suit your unique personality. Together we celebrate the wins.

4. HomeRun

This stage is critical. You have been developing new habits, new ways of thinking, and news ways of perceiving life. This is where we learn mastery of your new habits. We ensure you stay on the path you have worked so hard to reach. We tweak and make all the necessary adjustments to preserve your progress, be prepared for pitfalls, and equip you for long-term success.

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